About stoopid sweet

Stoopid Sweet is the product of easy-bake oven cakes, emotional baking, and an insatiable appetite. Our main goal is to give people something they can feel good about eating. From how it tastes, to how it makes them feel, to where it came from. We strive to make food synonymous with happiness.

Second to providing a poignant food experience, Stoopid Sweet makes it our personal responsibility to assist in the communty and help protect and aid underserved persons. The mission to be an advocate for change extends far beyond Stoopid Sweet and far beyond a few cookies. The first Friday of the month is Fundraiser Friday and you can find more information about that here.


Our Baked Goods

Stoopid Sweet offers a completely vegan menu while trying to use as many organic products as possible. Full nutrition information is available here, but please feel free to reach out to us here for full supplier and sourcing information. We are completely transperent and always will be. We want people to be able to confidently purchase our baked goods and release any doubts about what they're putting in their body.


Vegan can mean healthy, but it doesn't mean flavorless. Rich, decedant, and flavorful are words that we want to come to mind when you think Stoopid Sweet. From flax seed to dehydrated lemons, everything is clean from nose to toes.